30 October 2012

November's Calendar of Library events.


Ryan was in charge of Ghost Bowling!

Jasper was in charge of the pumpkin ring-toss!

Emma was in charge of the books!

Nate was very busy running the Library Laser Tag games.

Maddie helped make TONS of button!

Irene and Laura painted many cheeks and hands.

Randy Ferguson played his banjo and guitar.

A very different view out the library windows.

Chen and Jane  help with beading projects.

Laser tag action!

Bob Mathies brought his Percherons for wagon rides!

A football player playing pumpkin toss.

A bowler in action!

Even Darth came for the Fall Festival!

The maze, thanks to Herman Transburg & Pat Ziegler for delivering and picking up the bales!

Tess helped with the snacks.

Try this without using your hands!

Two cuties enjoying apples.

Princesses gave it a try!

Strike! She got all the ghosts down!

Nate ready for laser tag action!

Even green witches like to have their face painted.
Miriel got her cheek painted with candy!
Randy played just for the fun of it!  Thank you!!

Restacking ghosts- Ryan got quite good at it!

Winners of the best BOOK CHARACTER Costume

Gabriel, Captian Jack's partner!

He has great pumpkin bowling form!

He got turned into a cat.

Harry Potter and his owl Hedwig.

Some of the TABBERS enjoyed the last wagon ride of the day.
Tess, Maddie S, Emma, Nate, Jasper and Ryan.

Ryan looks a bit like the SCREAM guy! Yipes!?!?!

Riding through downtown.

Going up the hill by the library.  We really had a great turn out,
 great TAB volunteers and super weather.

22 October 2012

Something very special Sunday, Oct. 28th

Everyone is invited!