Northfield Public Library!

Northfield Public Library 210 Washington St. Northfield, Minnesota

15 September 2014


no Infant Lapsit Tuesday 9/16! (Kathy has Jury Duty!) Please come in and play!! 

10 September 2014

05 September 2014

Hey middle schoolers! We need your input!!

Please contact Kathy Ness if you're interested.

25 August 2014

24 August 2014

The final day of Safety Camp!

Clothes relay!
He's ready to pilot the helicopter.
The Air Nurse answered many questions.
Lot's of kids and adults wanted a look in the
North Memorial Helicopter.
Officer Trevor and Scout.
Stories from Fire Chief Gerry Franek
More action from the clothes relay- it was all clothing from
the Sheriff's Department!
Human Chariot races.
CPR instruction.
TJ is all ready to show the kids CPR.
The puppy Lucy had a great visit!
Learning about stranger danger from Officer Borchert.
Happy campers telling about what they learned.

21 August 2014

Northfield Safety Camp- day 3! Wheels.

Officer Borchert and the kids talk about
Stranger Danger.
Kevin from Dakota County Electric gave a great talk and
demonstration about electrical safety- including lightning!
A new lineman for Dakota Electric!
Giant Duck-Duck-Goose game

The younger group were good listeners this morning.
Getting ready for the Bike Rodeo!

Bike/wheels Rodeo with Officer Thad Monroe with the help
of BIKE NORTHFIELD and Police Reserves.

19 August 2014

2nd day at the Northfield Safety Camp- just add water!

Pool Noodle Soccer

Folks from Minnesota Orthodontics informed everyone on the need
for mouth guards and other ways of taking care of your teeth.

The Orange Team

The Yellow/Green Team

The Goldenrod Team

The Red Team

Color wars with Silly String!

The team that found the biggest silly string ball wins!

ATV Safety

In the ambulance after first aid training/

Checking out books with David's help on Booker.

EMS Manager Tex was the celebrity reader today.

Tex got the group in line and ready for an obstacle course.

Acting out a DARE resistance skill.

Checking out the boat.
So many choices- what should I check out!?

Swimming, jumping off the board, trying out life jackets and some
of the rescue tools Officer Matt showed them.

Sopping wet sponge relay- over- under run around, over-under, repeat!!

Showing the group water  and boating safety tips.

Catching-or tying to catch wet balls in towels.

DARE Officer Derrick asked them good questions!