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25 July 2014

Scenes from the last day of the summer reading program!

We moved the whole thing outside to enjoy the weather and make
cotton candy with out setting off the fire alarms!
Kids getting their reading rewards.
They are now professional cotton candy makers!

Taking down the reader of the week chain- Charlotte is in there somewhere!

Helping with the "bride's train" on the way to the recycling bin!

Taken just before we took it down to see where the treasure stickers were!

Happy Merri is one of the treasure bag winners!

24 July 2014

Congrats to Adamaris she is the last Reader of the Week of the summer!

Some of the fun from the last days of the summer reading program.

Making rainbow paper at the Fizz Boom Read Exploratorium!
Checking out Books from Booker at Books & Stars

Books & Stars at Way Park with Xibaba!

Listeners all over the park!

Making pockets for Corduroy at Pre-school story time.

Last pizza reward day of the summer.
BIG thanks to Dominos for all the PIZZAS they donated to the
summer reading program readers!
Pizza and cake eaters!

The Friends and Foundation of the Library surprised us with a
yummy cake!  

Such a nice sign from the FFOL- it went with the cake!

Just a couple of guys who REALLY like Star Wars books.

22 July 2014

Here is the August Calendar!

Click on them to enlarge!

21 July 2014

It's Xibaba at Way Park for this week's Books & Stars!

Cool Jazz for a HOT night!!

Be part of the first-ever Northfield Safety Camp!

For kids going into grades 3 to 8th!  Click HERE for the online registration!  Booker will be there!!

17 July 2014