11 September 2007

Merlin Mondays- for boys only!

Merlin Mondays-
a special book group just for boys who like wizards, magic,
The Renaissance, books & fun!
Monday evenings at 7 pm (except the 3rd Monday of the month)
New members always welcome. Lead by dedicated leader Deb Clark.
For boys 9 and up! Free. In the library’s meeting room.

10 September 2007


The new title is
"The Breadwinner"
by Deborah Ellis
Join the St. Olaf volunteers from Story House as they explore books featuring exciting stories about girls.
About the book- Afghanistan is still under the rule of the harsh Taliban regime. Young Parvana's father can no longer teach; he was wounded when a bomb destroyed the school where he was teaching, and her mother, three sisters and baby brother are confined to a one-room apartment. Every day, 10-year-old Parvana accompanies her father to the market, where he sits in a corner trying to earn enough money to support his family by reading letters for those who cannot read. When Parvana's father is beaten up and jailed, the family is left with no means of survival.
Their only hope is with Parvana - she is young enough to dress as a boy (girls are not allowed to go out in public) and knows how to read and write, which will enable her take her father's place in the market. Each day is filled with new dangers. When Parvana's mother and sisters try to go north to Mazar-e-sharif for Parvana's older sister's wedding, they are rounded up by the Taliban. Alone in Kabul, Parvana will need all her courage to survive.
The Breadwinner has received international attention. The indomitable character and remarkable courage and determination of Parvana were inspired by personalities Deborah Ellis met while working in refugee camps in Pakistan.

Copies of the book will be available at the meetings. Tuesday evenings at 7.
Free! Open to all interested girls age 9 and up!
Adventure Girls will meet in the library's meeting room.