30 July 2009

Fun pictures from the last week of the 2009 summer reading program!

Playing "Simon Says"

The last day for the Pages!

Playing "Following the Leader!"

Pages bringing the pizzas- THANK YOU DOMINOS!!!!

Checking in some readers.

Creating balloon hats.

Magician Tim Freeland poked a hole in a dollar bill!!! And then it was fixed and back to it's orginal condition. HOW DID HE DO THAT!?

Some of the audience to see the magician.

He made ball appear in Jasper's hand!

Pages Maddie, Jasper and Lily with Kelly introducting the final Books & Stars of 2009.

Craig Wasner and Mike Hildebrandt had a lot of fun!

Doing the Hokey Pokey!

Some of the dancers!

25 July 2009

Pictures from the 7th week of the SRP!

Showing their matted artwork visiting artist Wendell Arnesen helped them create!

Visiting Artist Wendell Arnesen!

The NEW Banjo Band preformed for Books & Stars.

Pages helping as usual!

Preparing the bookslips for hanging in the library.

The last day of the Summer Reading Program is Thursday, July 30th.

Conor is the 7th Reader of the Week!

Congrats Conor!

Click on his picture to enlarge.

22 July 2009

Week 6 of the SRP!

The line for pizza.

Pages handing out pizza to the kids who read that week.
Page Piggieback rides.

Creating collages!

Visiting Artist Carla Thompson tells us about her work.

Diana leading Infant Lapsit!

Books and Stars featured the Bavarian Musicmeisters!

The 6th Reader of the Week is Wyatt!

Congrats Wyatt!
Click on poster to enlarge.

09 July 2009

Fun from the 5th SRP week!

Readers earning more points by reading "Discovery Books."

Thanks for the pizzas Dominos!

Visiting Artist Randy Ferguson brought many beautiful instruments for us to see and learn about.

A banjo from the 1860's.

A lute!

Kids made masks this week.

Books and Stars featuring Stompin' Dixie!

Northfield ECI brought books to give away!

Playing ABC Ball outside.