26 July 2012

Meet Calvin the last "Reader of the Week" in 2012!

The last day of the 2012 Summer Reading Program

Reader Maggie got a Library Page Junior Shirt!

Finding the hidden treasure behind the hill.

Thanks to all who worked hard and read this summer!

18 July 2012


We are taking a "rain check" on tonight’s  BOOKS & STARS!  We have talked to T.H.E. HOUSE BAND members and will reschedule for a different Wednesday night at the pool.  It’s much more fun at the pool!   We’re glad it’s going to rain but sad it’s on our Wednesday night planned at the pool.  

17 July 2012

We're playing games Tuesday & Wednesday afternoons!

Come join us 1-3 on Tuesday & Wednesday in the meeting room.

12 July 2012

Only 2 weeks left!

This is a little reminder that the summer reading program ends July 26th!  We end with our final pizza reward lunch. 
 It's not too late to start!  
Come pick up a reading record.

There are just 2 Books & Stars left this summer,
 July 18th THE HOUSE BAND at the outdoor pool. 
(Free pool admission after 6:30!)  
Wednesday, July 25th's Books & Stars will feature the Cuban sounds of SALSABROSA! At central park.  
The shows begin at 7, Booker opens art 6:30.

Here is Anna! The 5th Reader of the Week!

10 July 2012

Campfire stories this week at the library!

Some of the readers waiting for the pizza!
Just 2 guys eating pizza on the library wall.
Readers get pizza donated by the  Northfield Dominos!
After pulling the "READER OF THE WEEK" the
Pages staple all the slips together and hang them in
the library.
Cool stick & twig art!
Reading around the campfire- this one is scary!
Creating a bookmark with world postage stamps.
Reading around the campfire.
Jasper helping with a "Challenge Book"


09 July 2012

July's calendar

07 July 2012