15 December 2006

We want to have what you want -

The library wants to offer what Northfield wants!
If you know of a good book, an interesting video or some great music that we don't have, please tell us. We will consider adding it to the library's collection.

Do you want to see some other kinds of kids programs - let us know!
More storytimes?
More kid's book groups?
Ideas for summer reading programs?
Interesting performers for Books & Stars?
Activity ideas?

Please post a comment on this site or click here to email me directly.
We will see what we can do. We want to offer what Northfield kids
and families want. Thanks! Kathy

1 comment:

Christopher said...

Great question! My toddler would say, "More Berenstain Bears books!" She can't get enough of them. My stay-at-home-mom wife says, "A story time for two year olds!" We all say, "More frequent and longer First Steps availability."

Thank you for asking!