12 June 2008

Fur Trade Clerk George Nelson visits the library

George Nelson(1786 - 1859)Fur Trade Clerk
Told us about:
His life as a fur trade clerk for the XY, North West and Hudson Bay companies.
The roles of traders, clerks, voyageurs and Indian suppliers in the Great Lakes fur trade.
The cultural and economic exchange between the Dakota, Ojibwe and Europeans.
He had sample trade goods from around the world and we guessed the value in pelts. For more pictures click here.

It was very interesting and entertaining.

Thanks to the Northfield Area Foundation for the grant to make his visit and the other Minnesota 150 History talks happen. Next week's program will feature Francis AnDyke an early settler and blacksmith in Northfield! Thursday, June 19 at 11:30.


Anonymous said...

if he were a reel clerk in the fur trade he'd be dead by now. duh

Anonymous said...

I agree. There's no way that dude's still alive! Or is that the point of the whole thing? All about that guy's life... ?