25 June 2009

Week 3 of the Summer Reading Program Fun!

Hanging up the 323 Bookslips- just from this week!

Pizza eaters!
Reading books at Story Time

The paper quilt the kids made.

Working on the paper quilt.

Playing a giant matching game.

Making goofy hats.

The ever popluar "Freezie Walk" (like a cake walk)

Chosing a "Discovery Book" to earn more points.

Checking readers in!

Books and Stars with Amy & Adams, Booker, the Cocoa Bean and the Northfield Ambulance!

Visiting Artist Series- the week was Actress Kathy Rush and the kids are learning to improvise!


annika said...

i am in the first picture! lol they are all really cute pics cathy! great ideas. :)

livvy said...

hi annika!