29 June 2009

Here is an article about the Library Pages from the Northfield News

It's really nice! Check it out here. Thanks David Henkes!

26 June 2009

Meet the 3rd Reader of the Week!

We pulled Avery's name out of the 323 bookslips turned in this week. Congrats Avery!

25 June 2009

Week 3 of the Summer Reading Program Fun!

Hanging up the 323 Bookslips- just from this week!

Pizza eaters!
Reading books at Story Time

The paper quilt the kids made.

Working on the paper quilt.

Playing a giant matching game.

Making goofy hats.

The ever popluar "Freezie Walk" (like a cake walk)

Chosing a "Discovery Book" to earn more points.

Checking readers in!

Books and Stars with Amy & Adams, Booker, the Cocoa Bean and the Northfield Ambulance!

Visiting Artist Series- the week was Actress Kathy Rush and the kids are learning to improvise!

24 June 2009

2nd Reader of the Week!

Click on picture to enlarge.

20 June 2009

Week 2 of the Summer Reading Program

Library Pages help at all the programs! It was a very busy week!

Library Bingo for prizes is always fun!

Week 2 Books & Stars at Odd Fellows' Park with InishMohr

Before the threat of severe weather, we had a really nice time!

InishMohr gracefully offered to return for another show since they were interupted! Check back here or at the library to see when.

15 June 2009

Looking for good books to read and "Be Creative?"

Looking for some good books to read related to the summer reading program theme? Click on Novelist!

12 June 2009

Pictures from the 1st week of the Summer Reading Program!

The first week was very busy! 241 bookslips were hung up in the library. 35 kids read enough to earn a pizza snack donated by Nortfield Dominos'! The Library Pages worked very hard!
Books & Stars featured Magican Star. And Mac Gimse was the visiting artist.

11 June 2009

The first reader of the week is Elias!

Click on picture to enlarge.

10 June 2009

June 10th Books & Stars!

We will be outside tonight! Bring something to sit on!

08 June 2009

June Calendar

Click on calendar to enlarge.

03 June 2009

Did you see the Northfield News?

It's a nice article about reading this summer- and all the opportunities in Northfield.