21 June 2014

Here are some pictures of the 2nd week of the summer reading program!

Emma, Cristen and Brianna finished chaining up
the reader of the week slips- about 3 times as long as last

"Shopping" for their reading rewards in the dark during the movies at pizza time.
BIG thank you to Northfield's Dominos for donating the pizzas!

For the second week in a row we had to have our pizza reward
inside- it's a first! 2 weeks in a row of RAIN!
We watched 16mm films, The Remarkable Riderless Runaway Tricycle, Frog Goes to Dinner
and Frog on His Own.

Some goofy Library Pages ready to check kids in!

Preschool story time kids making "Rainbow Fish"

Library Pages checking out the high water after enjoying
ice cream cones!

Creating fuzed bead projects.

Watching her button spinner.

Blowing up balloons with out air!  One of the
Exploratorium experiments.

Library Page Ben helping to make a Lego animated short.

Great adult volunteer Allison helping to create an other animated Lego short film.

It's inflating!!!

Pages Emily, Cristen, Halle, Lenyn and Ben preparing the experiments.
The Lego challenge was to build a robot!  More pictures later!

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